LMV World

WORLD LMV - the world of steel construction - the group of dynamically developing companies created to quickly meet the market requirements. Versatility, technological, engineering know - how, and a team of high-skilled professionals allow us to offer the market integrated solutions of design, production and construction.

Our experience and possibilities allow us to develop the most ambitious projects anywhere in the world! We anticipate the future and set trends to offer the best unique solution - global goal of our business.

LMV Group - Our world, we create and develop by our daily work the world in which we live.
Organization and coordination of business processes, a clear infrastructure. Management and control, local presence - we develop the world in which your idea will be implemented at any stage.
LMV World - the environment in which your project can born and grow up


Year established: Location: Staff:  
1992 Italy, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Venezuela more than 600 people  

design design production production
  3 specialized engineering companies + technical departments in production and construction companies to manage all works with the drawings and technical documentation
  4 workshops
180 000 m2 square area
40 000 m2 covered area
100.000 tons/year
construction construction supervising supervising
  Construction permission for EU, Russia, Switzerland, Latin America, Romania, other countries.
Own team and equipment to build the skyscrapers and bridges.
  Engineering Consulting at any stage of the project, optimization, control over the work of subcontractors and suppliers.