Beton Srl

The structural division of LMV that was organized in a separate legal entity. Beton S.r.l was created for mobile and rapid response to requests for private construction. The company supervises small projects turnkey. The repair and restoration work. Ensuring its own equipment for construction and team numbering 30 people with a wage experience Beton s.r.l can oversee construction of the buildings, industrial shops, hangars, as well as construction of private villas and residences turnkey. Cooperating with Beton Steel you build your project by the professionals you trust. And you do not need to access a variety of companies specializing in hydraulics or electrical wiring or interior decoration. Experts of Beton Steel work and plan the purchase of materials to build your project in the shortest time with the optimal price solution.



Year established: Location:  
2008 Italy    

design design production production
  Engineering services by the resources of the group.
  On the basis of LMV Italy, LMV Romania.
construction construction supervising supervising
  2 construction teams high-qualified specialists, full team able to realize any construction to supply to the client the building “red for use” Own park of the equipment and permanent buildings for the construction works.
  Engineering Consulting at any stage of the project, optimization, control over the work of your subcontractors and suppliers.