INGECOM STRUTTURE is a company with a history from the province of Verona, specialized in design, manufacture and installation of metal frames, with an experience of about 15 years in the construction industry.

The company was purchased by the group LMV 3 years ago, used as a point of reference for assistance to the technical office: from drafting of construction plans, to the study of the details of the workshop and of the best solutions to facilitate the construction and assembly of the structures.
Equipped with a small workshop attached to the office building, INGECOM STRUTTURE  is able to train its own technicians with real experience on the field.



Year established: Location:  
2005 Sommacampagna, Italy    

design design production production
  30 high-skilled Italian engineers specialized in the design and 3D modeling (Tekla, SAP ), high engineering projects and construction methods for infrastructure , bridge, skyscraper.
  On the basis of LMV Italy, LMV Romania.
construction construction supervising supervising
  Project Management.
Coordinating resources of the construction companies of the group Management of construction works.
  Engineering Consulting at any stage of the project, optimization, control over the work of your subcontractors and suppliers.