LMV Steel Construction

Representation of LMV on one of the world's major markets.
LMV Russia – forwarder of the resources of the LMV group to the Russian Federation.
With the perfect synthesis between a staff of high skilled engineers and managers and Russian engineers and administrative office, it allows autonomous works in Russia.
Our technologies and innovations in production and design, European steel profiles, and special equipment produced by LMV Group in accordance with the Russian state requirements.
Recent global trends and exclusive engineering solutions adapted to the standards of the Russian Federation.

For the convenience of our partners - the cooperation with the Russian organization LMV based in the Russian Federation in accordance with Russian law.


Year established: Location: Staff:  
2013 Saint-Petersburg, Russia 20 people  

design design production production
  Engineering services LMSteel (Switzerland) / Russification of the projects by LMV LLC. Own engineers and quality document control.
  On the basis of LMV ItalyLMV Romania, management of production in the workshops of Russian partners.
Full control of production.
construction construction supervising supervising
  Project Management.
Coordinating resources of VCS - Management of construction works.
  Engineering Consulting at any stage of the project, optimization, control over the work of your subcontractors and suppliers.