LMV Valenciana

The new project of LMV Group.
Explore the Latin American market LMV Valenciana - the company, which in addition to the core activities in the territory of venesuella offers to the local market also the trading of the raw materials. Saling of a basic metal products with the synthesis of the design, local production,  Construction and supervising - a way for autonomy work of LMV Group in Latin America - the possibility of opening a new market opportunity to expand the boundaries of quality and know-how of LMV!


Year established: Location:  
2015 Venezuela    

design design production production
  Engineering services by the resources of the group.
  Own Workshop
50.000 m2 square area
6000 m2 production and warehouses covered area
2000 tons/ month x 1 shift per start-up period.
construction construction supervising supervising
  Own equipment and team
Ability to manage the building works and construction sites of multiple projects contemporary.
  Engineering Consulting at any stage of the project, optimization, control over the work of your subcontractors and suppliers.