VCS Montazh

VCS Montazh - a construction company established in 2014, specialized in the assembling and managing of technologically advanced steel constructions. There are more than 200 persons of Italian and Russian high-qualified specialists, working according to the norms and standards of Russian Federation, with SRO License and own park of the equipment.

One of the projects was the erection of a 2300 m long metal deck bridge using launching and lifting techniques in Saint Petersburg, Russia.



Year established: Location:  
2014 Russian Federation    

design  Design production  Production
  Engineering services by LMSteel (Switzerland). Russification of the projects by LMV Russia. Own engineers and quality document control.
  On the basis of LMV Italy management of production in the workshops of Russian partners. Full control of production.
construction  Construction supervising  Supervising
  Full team able to realize any construction in Russian Federation according to the legalization norms and standards. SRO License. Own park of the equipment and permanent buildings for the construction works.
  Engineering consulting at any stage of the project, optimization, control over the work of your subcontractors and suppliers.