LMV Colombia

The new office of LMV Group in Latin America. LMV Colombia is created to offer European traditions in metalworking and steel construction on the local markets. We sell basic metal products, make project design, supply constructions from Italy, provide specialists for installation and erection works, supervise realized projects if needed. Our experience of more than 3000 projects around the world let us doing the best in the metal construction field. We are ready to cooperate with local partners for demonstrating the quality and implementing the know-how of LMV Group on sites.


Year established: Location:    
2017 Medellìn, Colombia    

design  Design production  Production
    Engineering services by the resources of the group.
    On the basis of LMV Italy. Full control of production.
construction  Construction supervising  Supervising
    Own equipment and team. Ability to manage the building works and construction sites of multiple projects contemporary.
    Engineering сonsulting at any stage of the project, optimization, control over the work of your subcontractors and suppliers.