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About us

LMSteel is a modern engineering company created by uniting of the best resources of LMV group to present in the market a new engineering company contest: Experience, skills, knowledge, traditional engineering solutions and latest design trends. 360° services and support in all project stages to build your idea - the part of your business.

The straight connection with LMV Group and its production and erection experience helps us to understand perfectly the problems and difficulties in the afterdesign phase of the project so our design is the optimal solution also for the production and construction.

We invest in our engineers and project managers. We invite the world famous experts for supervising and consulting, we share the knowledge; we are learning every day to perform you the modern design solution based on the engineering traditions and huge experience of our staff.


Our approach

Project analisys

We are a full-service provider as we can mange every single phase of a project, from feasibility study and detail engineering, to project management, procurement, construction and site supervision.Over than more 20 years Know-hon in Steel Construction services, enable us to support our clients with state-of-the-art solutions.

LMSteel used the following approach in the design study:
Starting with extensive analysis carried out on Customer’s Project preliminary ideas. Identification of the project site location and boundaries, limits imposed by the authorities and any other special requirement.In-depth study of the Project performance requirements is carried out, identifying preliminary technical solutions and specifications, type of material to be used and processes to be implemented. Alternative solutions, in order to perform costs vs. benefits comparisons, are also evaluated.
Study and further development of Customers’ specific requirements in order to elaborate concept design proposals. LMSteel provides the Customer with the basis for a comparative study and a solid decision making process.

Reviewing natural, geographic, and human neighbourhood of construction site.
Detailed design of all on-site temporary- and auxiliary structures, supplies, stores, etc.In order to carry out this approach to the project, LMSteel use to organize a tender coordination meeting between its specialist: their intent is focused to expose all the possible technical problems that the works present.


Vladimir Putin inaugurates WHSD!

29 11 2016

Vladimir Putin inaugurates WHSD!

Inauguration of the high speed Highway to St. Petersburg, Russia   Read more

Lamborghini site

05 09 2016

Lamborghini site

Installation and completion facilities Read more

LMSteel Projects

  • Milano, Italia
  • 2014 / Complete
  • 2.900 ton
  • 7.000.000
  •  LMSteel

    LMV S.p.A.

  • Estado Carabobo, Moron Venezuela
  • 2013 / Complete
  • 2.600.000
  • supervising LMSteel

    productionsupervising LMV S.p.A.

  • Serov, Russian Federation
  • 2013 / Complete
  • 2.640
  • 7.000.000
  • production LMV S.p.A.

    construction LMSteel

    constructionsupervising LMV Russia

  • Milano, Italia
  • 2009 / Complete
  • 320.000
  • LMSteel

    LMV Metal Romania

    LMV S.p.A.

  • St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • 2014 / Complete
  • LMSteel + Ingecom *shop drawings

    LMV S.p.A.

    LMV Russia + LMV S.p.a.

    LMV Russia

  • San Giorgio di Nogaro, Udine, Italia
  • 2011 / Complete
  • 140.000
  • LMSteel

    LMV S.p.A.

  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2015 / In Process
  • 60.000.000
  • LMSteel + Ingecom *shop drawings

    production LMV S.p.A. *special equipment

    construction VCS Montazh

    supervising LMV Russia + LMV S.p.A.

  • Milan, Italy
  • 2014 / Complete
  • 390 ton
  • 1.500.000
  • supervising LMSteel

    productionconstructionsupervising LMV S.p.A.

  • Rome, Italy
  • 2015 / In Process
  • 360 ton


    construction LMV S.p.A.




LMSteel Sagl

Legal head office:

Cantonale str., 11 • 6900 Lugano (TI), Switzerland

Operating office:
Ciseri str., 4 • 6828 Balerna (TI), Switzerland

Phone +41 (0) 91 6300531
Fax +41 (0) 91 6300532

e-mail: info@lmsteel.ch