• Mannheim, Germany
  • 2013 / Complete
  • 300 tons

Three companies that are part of LMV World - Ingecom, LMV S.p.A. and Beton Steel - collaborated to design and create the building that houses one of the world’s largest HVDC laboratories (High Voltage Direct Current) with an adjoining office building and control room. Ingecom took care of the executive and constructive project of metal carpentry.

LMV SPA supplied and assembled the carpentry with the "turnkey" formula.

The laboratory has a 60x25m plant dimensions and a 25m height. Different types of tests can be performed on site with the HVDC cable systems, which can transmit up to 600 kV DC.

The total weight of the supplied carpentry is about 300 tons. It was also procured and installed the infill panels, industrial doors, plasterboards for the office area, the windows and the doors.



construction LMV S.p.A.

 Beton Steel