Skyscraper of the Piedmont Region, "The Great Void"

Skyscraper of the Piedmont Region, "The Great Void"
  • Turin, Italy
  • 2014 / Complete
  • 2000 tons

The skyscraper of the Piedmont Region has been designed to host the regional administration. Designed by the Italian architect M. Fuksas, the project included 42 floors for a vertical height of 205 meters above ground level.

Activities carried out by LMV World: preliminary analysis of the structural design for the steel structure of the West Facade, 205 m high. LMV World has also collaborated with the staff of M. F. Molaís, engineer designer of the concrete core of the main building. LMV produced 2000 tons of steel structures for the west facade of the skyscraper.

The total surface covers 22500 square meters.

supervising Ingecom

productionconstructionsupervising LMV S.p.A.