Façades of Torri Regione Piemonte

Façades of Torri Regione Piemonte
  • Turin, Italy
  • 2014 / Complete
  • 2000 tons
  • 8 000 000

Steel weight: 2000 tons

Total facade area: 22500 sqm

The skyscraper "The great void" has been designed to accommodate the Local Council. Designed by Italian architect M.Fuksas, the work carried out includes 42 floors for a vertical height of 205 meters above the ground level. The outer skin is made of glass panels alternating with aluminum ones, both partially openable. The volume of the Tower, with the 45x45 square meter base, is enclosed in an imposing double-skin glass façade, whose top ends with a roof garden.

supervising Ingecom

productionconstructionsupervising LMV S.p.A.