IKEA Shopping Centre

IKEA Shopping Centre
  • Roncadelle (BS), Italy
  • 2016 / Complete
  • 1400 tons

Client: Carron Spa

Year of construction: 2015-2016

ELNÒS SHOPPING was the second Italian shopping centre to integrate an IKEA store with direct access from the gallery, an element able to multiply the attractiveness of the structure.

Developed on two levels, it offers visitors a commercial destination different from competitors and structured to meet the real needs of most people in a safe, pleasant and easily accessible environment.

In addition to the IKEA store, the centre includes a hypermarket and a wide range of products and services tailored to modern families: home, electronics, sports, fashion, health and beauty, plus a leisure space that houses the food court and the Family Entertainment Centre. The opening took place on 22nd September 2016 with over 30,000 persons.

LMV World has participated in the design, supply and installation of metal carpentry in skylights, facades, internal structures, roofs and shelters.

The design was carried out with the BIM - Building Information Modelling method - shared use of the digital representation of a built object (including buildings, bridges, roads, process plants, etc.) to facilitate the design, construction and management processes.

The structures in the carpentry of the roof skylights are made up of a tubular steel frame, with lights up to 16 m, for a total surface of about 3600 square meters. Steel frames were used for the construction of the main entrances with pillars up to 16 m high. The façades are made up of a combination of elements that include elements in "sandwich" panels, curtain wall elements in structural glass, porcelain stoneware cladding and perforated sheet metal claddings for a total surface area of ​​around 15,000 square meters. Technical areas have been built in the roof, consisting of a metal carpentry structure and a "sandwich" panelling with about 3000 square meters of panelling. The roof shelter on the Ikea side has also been created for a total area of ​​about 400 square meters.

You can view the Elnòs Shopping project at the following link.


 Ingecom Strutture

supervising construction  LMV S.p.A.