Western Hight Speed Deameter

Western Hight Speed Deameter
  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2015 / Complete
  • 60.000.000

The WHSD – Western High Speed Diameter is a project of an international scale implemented in St. Petersburg – Russia. Currently the construction of WHSD is the largest PPP project in the field of road construction in Europe.
It consist in 11.570 meter of high speed urban motorway viaduct with 2.081 meter on ground, other 5.297 meter above sea, the construction of 620 meter and 580 meter of suspension bridges, a 168 meter sea-canal bridge, 2.417 meter of technological filling and a 407 meter tunnel.

LMV SPA commitment:

In the WHSD – Western High Speed Diameter Project, LMV Spa is in charge of two main commitments:

  • Special Equipments supply for launching and lifting of main steel structures
  • Erection and Launching works of main steel structures

Both the works will engage LMV SPA from 2014 till 2016, with both the Italian production plants and the Russian Branch LMV LLC.

Special Equipments supply:

LMV SPA is in charge of the production, the start up and the commissioning of the Special Equipments needed for Launching and Lifting operations of main steel structures for all the 10 Sections of the WHSD – Western High Speed Diameter Project.
These Equipments consist in:

  • Tower Cranes 80 ton lifting capacity
  • Derrick Cranes from 80 to 600 ton lifting capacity
  • Winches and pulling systems from 32 to 384 ton pulling capacity
  • Rollers and sliding systems from 250 to 3.000 ton capacity
  • Trucks and other hydraulic handling devices
  • Hydraulic 700 bar high pressure equipments for hydraulic machines

The Equipments will be used by Russian and Italian Subcontractors in charge of the erection of the main steel bridges for the two years of works, under the supervision of LMV SPA technical specialists.
These equipments will introduce for the first time in Russia the Launching Method for the erection of steel bridges.

Erection and Launching works of main steel structure:

LMV SPA is directly involved in the Erection and Launching works of the main steel structures of 2 of the main 10 Sections of the WHSD – Western High Speed Diameter Project.
These are the main features of these two sections:

  • 22.600 ton of bridges and main steel structures
  • 8.000 ton of auxiliary steel structures and equipments
  • 1.800 m of steel viaducts above the sea
  • 168.500 hour of main steel structures welding

For the Erection and Launching works of the main steel structures, LMV SPA is currently engaged with the following manpower and equipments:

Technical staff and engineers of 25 persons

  • Nr 80 welders
  • Nr 60 steel carpentry erectors
  • Nr 45 painters
  • Nr 20 launching specialists
  • Indirect staff of nr 35 persons
  • Nr 2 heavy lifting 350 ton crawler cranes
  • Nr 5 mobile cranes
  • Nr 2 50 tons Gantry Cranes
  • Nr 108 250 ton capacity rollers

The expected duration of works is of 1,5 years. The expected conclusion of works is scheduled for February 2016

LMSteel + Ingecom *shop drawings

production LMV S.p.A. *special equipment

construction VCS Montazh

supervising LMV Russia + LMV S.p.A.


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