Stairway for AGSM Group

Stairway for AGSM Group
  • Verona, Italy
  • 2018 / Complete
  • 32 tons

Height: 15,7 meters 
Length: 52 meters
Total steel weight: 32 tons

The stairway was installed at the AGSM Verona Headquarters (by arch. Laura Devoti) and was made by LMV World in the workshop of Roverbella (Mantova, Italy). The technicians of LMV followed the assembly and the finishing phases trying to minimize the environmental impact. Indeed, AGSM is in an area subject to environmental constraints and the staircase fits - thanks to the harmonious finishes and the attention to details - in the urban context with a low impact. The structures, covered with Embossed Sheet Metal, isolate the structure but allow the light to filter regularly without affecting the brightness of the underground level.

 LMV S.p.A.