LMV World

LMV is the group of dynamically developing companies, created to meet the market requirements in metalworking, steel construction and engineering.

Starting from 1974 we were constantly investing in the internal organizational development and the implementation of the best modern technologies and equipment. We brought together high-skilled professionals to offer the market integrated solutions of design, production and construction. LMV Group has developed own production and construction know-how, quality control and organization standards.

The quality certifications and construction permissions for EU, Russia, Switzerland, Latin America, Romania and other countries are confirming the correspondence of LMV Group business activity to international standards.

Today LMV Group has more than 40 years history, it realized over 1000 projects and it is operating in 6 countries. Now we are full of experience and energy to face new challenges and markets.


Year established: Location: Staff:  
1992 Italy, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Venezuela, Colombia, France ~300 people  

design  Design production  Production
  3 specialized engineering companies + technical departments in design and production, construction companies to manage all works with the drawings and technical documentation
  3 workshops
90 000 m2 area
32 000 m2 covered area
3.500 tons/month x 2 shifts
construction  Construction supervising  Supervising
  Construction permission for EU, Russia, Switzerland, Latin America, Romania, other countries. We have own team and equipment to build the skyscrapers and bridges.
  Engineering сonsulting at any stage of the project, optimization, control over the work of subcontractors and suppliers.