Closure of LMV LLC, a Russian subsidiary, following geopolitical events and in accordance with European requirements.


The increase of share capital to Euro 5.040.000 (fully paid-up). LMV Colombia office is opened in Colombia.


With the purchase of the latest generation of Adige Sys and Ficep machines, LMV has implemented its own preprocessing, automating activities and processes that have been carried out manually. The production capacity was greatly increased thanks to the reduction of the preprocessing times of plates and profiles.


Construction of a new plant in Roverbella, Italy. 6000 sqm covered, divided into 4 camps. Used and equipped for the construction and testing of heat exchangers (bundles), including CND activities and sealing tests. It is also used for the construction and welding of medium and medium-heavy carpentry.


Establishment of the VCS Montazh LLC - erection company in Russian Federation with the main office in Saint-Petersburg. The company obtained the SRO license (state permission for the construction works and engineering).


Establishment of a new Engineering Company in Switzerland LMSteel. Obtained first EN 1090 certification of LMV S.p.A.


Establishment of a new subsidiary company LMV LLC in Russia, Saint-Petersburg.  LMV S.p.A. obtained certification of health and safety management system in accordance with BS OHSAS 18001.


Ingecom Strutture S.r.l. - a long-experienced engineering, design and modelling company located in Verona, joins the LMV Group.


Launching of a new production workshop in Roverbella (Lombardy, Italy): more than 20 000 m2, including production facilities and administration offices. The staff reaches 100 employees. The production exceeds 2000 tons per month. Beginning of the activity on the international market. Establishing of Beton S.r.l.


Great shift of the production capacity by expansion of the manufacturing area to 5000 m2. The staff amounts to 50 employees. The juridical form of the company becomes S.p.A. (joint-stock company).


LMV expands its production area to 2500 m2. The company obtains its first welding quality certifications and commences working at national level. The staff amounts 20 employees.


The constitution of LMV. Construction of the first production workshop of 1500 m2, purchasing of the first snips and bending presses necessary for basic metal working.


Our history in the metal structures field starts in 1974 when Ferruccio Venturelli decided to start a small business based on the metal works. Since then we have been dedicating each day of our work to study of technologies, improvement of our skills and conquest of the metal.