Over the years of the activity in the field of steel construction the companies of LMV group have obtained vast experience, professionalism and attracted qualified specialists necessary to guarantee the appropriate quality control to its customers.

The need for a high level of quality and strict regulatory requirements pushed the company to constantly improve its own technical skills, expand and the team of quality control responsibilities monitoring not only our own production, but also the work of our subcontractors. The company has a certificate on its own quality system according to EN 9001:08, on its own welding procedure according to EN 3834-2 and is certified as the Centre of Transformation by the Superior Council of the Public Works. In 2013 the company obtains a certificate on its own method of the production control in accordance with EN 1090, which allows, starting from July 2014, to put the CE marking on manufactured elements. LMV controls permanently all basic material and resources used for the production with the assistance of the relevant certified laboratories that carry out the necessary tests (tensile and resistance to various temperatures, hardness test, chemical composition test, etc.).

As for the welding, each step of this process is under daily check and control. The welding is performed by qualified welders of the company of 2°nd category according to ISO 9712, as well as by those belonging to external specialized companies that also have qualified inspectors of 3rd category. The tests are of visual type with magnetic particles, liquid penetrants, volumetric examination of joints and ultrasonic or X-ray control on request. In addition, the LMV staff includes an employee responsible for the dimensional control of manufactured products to ensure absolute compliance with the manufacturing tolerances according to EN 1090.
All of these tests and control are also available, if necessary, on sites under supervision of LMV with the presence of our site responsible for the management, coordination and control of all stages of the assembly. All material and production supplied by LMV is accompanied by the necessary certificates in compliance with the current applicable regulations.


LMV S.p.A. – EN 1090-1

LMV S.p.A. – UNI EN ISO 3834-2_IIW

LMV S.p.A. – UNI EN ISO 9001-2015


LMV S.p.A. – SOA OS18-OG1