With the ninth launch of the frame of the Left Way, has started the installation of the last span of the SECTION 9B – SAVUSHKINA, which completion date will be August 15, 2015.

It is concluded the transfer of LMSTEEL from the operational headquarters in Mendrisio to Balerna; the new offices are located just a few minutes from the highway Chiasso.

Successfully completed the second launch of the Right Way in SECTION 9B – SAVUSHKINA. Total overhang reached about 82 meters.

Reached by the launching nose pile 29 of the Left Way, with the eighth launch of the main frame in SECTION 9B – SAVUSHKINA.

Were finished the works for the construction of AIR FAN COOLER CHP 12 in Moscow.

At the End of April by VCS have been completed in the Krestovskij Island assembly works of three spans total weight 3000 tonnes.

Open Air Theatre was one of the main tourist attractions on the universal Exposition of Milan 2015 and was one of the few structures that is not abandoned after the event.