People Mover Bologna: assembling of the bridge to stepover the A14 motorway

Wednesday, 05 October 2016

Work assembling in full swing

PMBO news 2016 10

It's going on at the LMV S.p.A. plant in Roverbella the assembling of the bridge to step over the ring road and the motorway A14, included in the People Mover project.
The assembly of the central bay of 60 m continues hectic!
The span will be transferred on site and reassembled with its welded joints between the parties and raised in a single element.
The structure of the bridge, with light net of about 95 meters, has two runways unite across each of which consists of double T beams, automatic welded and of 2.5 m high.
The bridge consists of 3 bays for a total of 160 m of development. Two side bays each of 50 m length and a central bay of 60 m length. The runways of each bay are combined with a gerber joint studied ad hoc.
The side bays have two runways, each runway consists of 4 ashlars then 8 double T beams for a total of 16 double T beams for each bay.
The central bay has two runways: each runway consists of 5 ashlars then 10 double T beams for a total of 20 double T beams. The ashlars are welded in place.
The ashlars of the "airport side" lateral bay were assembled at the LMV plant in Roverbella and transferred to the building site for the welding operations and composition of the bay and then the lifting.


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Ing. Parlatore Filippo, Ing. Briani Filippo, Ing. Capretti Giovanni

Project Manager,         Project manager,     Construction site supervisor

LMV S.p.A.