Magic Hotel Gardaland

Magic Hotel Gardaland
  • Castelnuovo del Garda (VR), Italy
  • 2019 / In process
  • 60 tons

Gardaland extends its offer with the creation of Gardaland Magic Hotel. The structure consists of 3 buildings and, with the 128 themed rooms, it can offer up to 512 beds. The most important amusement park in Italy has dedicated the hotel to the theme of magic; the guests will be surrounded by an enchanted aura among forests with talking trees and ice castles inhabited by fantastic creatures. The spectators will be involved in magic right from the entrance: in fact, they will be welcomed by a great magician's hat.

LMV World has realized the executive and constructive project and built the steel structure of the two hats of the magician and the covering of the central structure. The structures were pre-assembled on the ground and raised at high altitude using an auto crane with a 200 tons capacity. The site organization and the launch plan were entirely managed by LMV. The amount of steel used was around 60 tons.

The inauguration is scheduled for May 2019.


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