Porta Nuova Bonnet

Porta Nuova Bonnet
  • Milan, Italy
  • 2019 / In process
  • 500 tons

LMV World is involved in the redevelopment project of the former Unilever headquarter designed by Francesco Diomede, Giuseppe and Carlo Rusconi Clerici, in the 1960s. This area develops between Corso Como and Piazza Gae Aulenti, in Milan, near the Porta Garibaldi station.

The new Corso Como Palace project, presented by the new property Coima s.r.l., has been entrusted to the London architecture firm PLP Architecture. The project provides an urban renewal sustainability, attentive to environmental enhancement, to the green mobility and to the use of materials from sustainable resources, such as steel, and to the respect of energy consumption.

The main building is a 70 m smart building, Torre Bonnet, whose services, thanks to IoT devices, can be managed remotely through an application; the tower will be flanked by a new construction, a Podium of over 4,000 square meters characterized by asymmetrical lines. For the construction of the buildings will be used different materials that will create a discontinuity on the surface.

LMV World is involved in the constructive design, in the realization of the metallic carpentry as well as in the laying of the structures that constitute the backbone of the project. LMV works for the realization of the Podium and of the tower super elevation, including the platform that runs along the entire perimeter and the intermediate garrets of the ground floor. The realization of all the works of completion of the technical cavities for the passage of the plants has also been entrusted to LMV World.


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