Industrial plant with office for Immobiltec

Industrial plant with office for Immobiltec
  • Casalgrande (RE), Italy
  • 2016 / Complete
  • 250 tons

Client: Immobiltec Spa
INGECOM Strutture: development of the workshop drawings for construction.
LMV Spa: production and supply structural steel fabrication and construction site supervision overall to 250 tons.

The project involves the construction of the following works and/or manufactured:

1) Building a new industrial building with dimensions 55.04 x 137.04 meters and height up to 14 meters. Pile foundations with jet-grouting technology, elevated structure, prefabricated in c.a.p.-hedge and facings "sandwich"-type panels with respecting the thickness and transmittance imposed by current regulations. Offices are located on 3 floors; a metal structured "porch" is placed for loading and unloading of heavy goods vehicles.

2) Construction of a new vertical automated warehouse with the steel structure on concrete foundation bed and the curtain walls sides with sandwich-type panels. The wall in contact with the production hall is consist of the prefabricated panel for needs of fire loads.

3) Steel sheds were built in continuity between existing buildings. They are designed to maintain and ensure the "covered" areas and transit, as well as storage of products of processing. The accommodations of the outside opened areas include the construction of parking places (P3), of "permeable" areas "and the construction of a new entrance on the East front.

4) Build a new shed, called "Forepart close and in adherence to the vertical automatic warehouse" with steel structure resting on concrete establishment foundation and with "sandwich"-type panels; for roofing sandwich panels (80 mm).


 Ingecom Strutture

supervising construction  LMV S.p.A.