Lakhta center, Roof covering

Lakhta center, Roof covering
  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2018 / Complete
  • 771 tons


Steel weight: 771 tons

The coverage for ETFE roof was implemented for the multifunctional building of Lakhta center in Saint-Petersburg. Galvanized metal elements were painted with a high aesthetic demand comparable to that of a car. The truss has a span of 24 meters, it weighs 28 tons and it’s positioned at a height of about 50 meters. Friction joints are with 0.15-micron coupling tolerance. The steel used for this work complies with Russian GOST and SNIP standards and it’s welded by licensed specialists. LMV World provided shop drawings, production of galvanized metal structures, painting, delivery and assembling on site.

Live video of skyscraper's construction online, the 430 meters has been completed by now.


production LMV S.p.A. 

construction VCS Montazh

supervising LMV Russia + LMV S.p.A.

Watch the new photos from the construction site and the panoramic 360° view of Lakhta…