Rolling mill for Tecnosider Srl

Rolling mill for Tecnosider Srl
  • San Giorgio Di Nogaro, Udine, Italy
  • 2010 / Complete
  • 4 200 tons

Realization time: 8 months

Total roof covered area: 20 000 mq

Construction of an industrial building of 15,000 m2 for the rolling mill with three bays (25 m x 200 m, H = 15 m) and guides for the 60 t crane. Since the building is designed for rolling operations, the particularity is in the construction of its structures: the beams (2 m x 15 m) and the welded guides with full penetration.

LMV World has participated with: design, production of galvanized metal structures, painting, delivery and assembly on site, finishing work.

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