Rolling mill for Tecnosider Srl

Rolling mill for Tecnosider Srl
  • San Giorgio Di Nogaro, Udine, Italia
  • 2010 / Complete
  • 4 200 tons
  • 3 650 000

Realization time: 8 months

Total roof covered area: 20 000 mq

Construction of industrial building of 15 000m2 for rolling mill production that consists of 3 spans 25x200m, with a height of 15m including the runways for 60 tons overhead cranes, with a total 2000 tons of used metal.This building is intended for use in the production of rolling mill that is why the construction specific is to build of columns and runways completely done with the 2x15 meters beams welded in full penetration.

LMV provided: design, production of galvanized metallic structures, painting, delivery, mounting on site with tamping, and finishing works.

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