“Parco Corolla” Shopping Center

“Parco Corolla” Shopping Center
  • 2018, Milazzo, Sicily, Italy
  • 2018 / In process
  • 1500 tons

On 1st July 2018, the expansion of the “Parco Corolla” shopping centre in Sicily began with the construction of two new multi-storey buildings with about 2000 square meters of floor space. On the ground floor, there will be 20 stores of renowned brands; on the first floor, a multi-screen cinema with seven theatre rooms.

LMV World participates in the construction of steel buildings as well as in the realisation of a multi-storey car park for the shopping centre clientele. For the entire work, around 1500 tons of steel will be used.


 LMV S.p.A. + Ingecom

   LMV S.p.A