Casino Royale - Sonesta Ocean Point Resort

Casino Royale - Sonesta Ocean Point Resort
  • Sint Maarten, Caribbean Island, Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • 2018 / Complete
  • 300 tons

LMV World has participated in the reconstruction of the Casino Royale and the new hall of the Sonesta Ocean Point Resort heavily damaged by Hurricane Irma, which hit the Caribbean islands in the summer of 2017.

In consideration of the climatic problems of this area (hurricanes, strong storms, earthquakes) special attention was paid to the strength of the structure so as to ensure safety during catastrophic events such as very intense winds (over 200 miles per hour) and severe earthquakes.

The intervention of LMV World consisted in the design and construction of reticular steel structures with a free structure between the supports of 30 meters.

For the order, LMV S.p.A. supplied a total of 300 tons of steel.


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