Vinci headquarters in Nanterre

Vinci headquarters in Nanterre
  • Nanterre, Paris, France
  • 2019 / In process
  • 420 tons

Representative architect: Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés

Associated architect: Marc Mimram

LMV World, a leading company in the metal carpentry sector, participates in the construction of the main headquarters of Vinci, a worldwide general contractor in the field of civil engineering. The headquarter will be built in Nanterre, a continually expanding area and the future district of Groues, that will act as a link between the city of Paris and the Financial District of La Défense. The area is already known to LMV World: in fact, in the three-year period 2014-2017, LMV worked on the design and construction of the fixed coverage of the U-arena Stadium.

The ambitious project involves the construction of many buildings used as offices, companies, shops and some public spaces. The main building will have a height of 100 meters and will be built on the Eole Underground.

The constructive choices and the materials follow the principle of sustainability, making steel the main interpreter of the new architectural-urban language; indeed, the metal structure is in steel which gives the whole project an image defining the geometry of the whole complex.

LMV World is engaged in the construction of the metallic carpentry of a sector of this imposing architectural complex providing 400 tons beams welded and related boxes connected to the main building of the project. The structure consists of 16 welded beams coupled 1.9m high and 18m long (30 tons each) that will rest on a crowning beam in concrete and steel supported by 10 pillars.

The design of the constituent elements is signed by the engineering department LMsteel.

At the following link the interview with Xavier Huillard President and CEO of VINCI.


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