La Rusca viaduct

La Rusca viaduct
  • Savona, Italy
  • 2016 / Complete
  • 1500 tons

Interconnection between points "The A10 Savona" and "Albisola toll booths", "The Ports Of Savona" and "Vado Ligure".

Project: Seteco Ingegneria s.r.l.
Year of Built: 2016
Cut-water construction drawings: Ingecom Strutture
Supplying steel structures: LMV Spa - GED srl
Supervise erection: LMV Spa

The stretch of road called variant to the SS1 Aurelia in Albisola Superiore Savona – fits into a broader context produced by the need to adapt the entire transport system. The Variation occurs in the whole, as an axis tangential to the city of Savona, which runs in an ideal citizen border altogether for about 5.1 Km and acquitting collection functions and/or distribution of trades coming direct from more intense urbanization areas/decongesting coastal roads crossing streams and returning much of the city road network to local traffic.

Among the works in this context, there are three viaducts, listed below:

1) Viaduct "Rusca"
2) Two bridges "Grana" (already realized by LMV)
3) Viaduct "Sansobbia"

The structure in question is a viaduct in lower street in steel and concrete mixed system with static scheme of continuous beam with lights approximately 75 + 75 m on axis alignment.
The metal section of the deck from 150 m consists of 2 girders placed at the margins of the section, whose overall size in height amounted to 5.75 m.
The top and bottom of the reticular girder bridles are composed of double-T elements welded assembly, the girder walls consist of double-T Struts are also welded diagonal section and formed compounds or T dishes or angular profiles.
The main beams are connected by stringers full bore, interposed at variable distances.
The bridge has reticular girder width varying from a maximum of approximately 19.8 m in total to a minimum of about 17.5 m in total, divided into a driveway portion of variable width, and two pedestrian sidewalks of constant width.
The furnishings consist of guardrails willing at the edge of the roadway and from aboard the curb.



 Ingecom Strutture

supervising  LMV S.p.A.